Verse Of The Week

"Let us come before his person with thanksgiving; Let us with melodies shout in triumph to him. For Jehovah is a great God and a great King over all other gods...
O come in, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before Jehovah our Maker."
-Psalms 95:2-3,6

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Joy To The World The Lord Has Come...

     ...Let Earth Receive Her King".

    I recall as a small girl singing that chorus to a Christmas carol.  Little did I know the significance of that statement.  Today I am thinking of my King Christ Jesus and his rule over this earth and I would like to share my feelings of gratitude and love for him with you my readers.
     For most of my life I lived in what the Bible refers to as darkness alienated from Jehovah God (Isaiah 42:7), unable to see the truth about Jesus.  Jesus was depicted in many different ways to me, for instance, during Easter and for most of the year I saw Jesus hanging on a cross looking down at me with a saddened and agonizing stare.  However, by the end of the year at Christmas he became an angelic helpless infant lying in a manger in the nativity scene.  So I never gave it much thought as I sang along with others the Christmas carol mentioned at the beginning.  I imagined as most do that the composer was referring to Jesus miraculous birth to the earth, and he or she probably was.  Thanks to Jehovah I have learned through a personal Bible study that Jesus is not hanging on a cross or any object and that he is far from being an infant, he is as the Bible teaches a mighty King in Heaven who is sitting on a throne over the earth. Since learning this bible truth, I have been actively involved in a worldwide teaching campaign.  I go door to door wholeheartedly teaching others about the rightful leader of humankind.  The world is looking for superhuman leaders and refuses to acknowledge Jehovah's appointed leader Jesus.  Why is it they miss the true significance of Jesus rulership over the earth?  When did his rule begin?  and Where is he ruling from?
     First, what is the true significance of Jesus rulership over the earth?  Believe it or not it was promised by Jehovah to King David known as the "Davidic Covenant" that Jesus would be a King in the manner of David to time indefinite.
     Jehovah went on to make this covenant with David: “Your house and your kingdom will certainly be steadfast to time indefinite before you; your very throne will become one firmly established to time indefinite.” (2 Samuel 7:16) Plainly, God was thus establishing a kingly dynasty for Israel in David’s family. It was not to be just a constant succession of Davidic kings. Eventually, someone in David’s line would come to rule “to time indefinite, and his throne [would be] as the sun in front of [God].”—Psalm 89:20, 29, 34-36; Isaiah 55:3, 4.
      It is evident, then, that the Davidic covenant further narrowed down the line of the Seed. Even the first-century Jews realized that the Messiah would have to be a descendant of David. (John 7:41, 42) Jesus Christ, the primary part of the seed of the Abrahamic covenant, qualified to become the permanent Heir of this Davidic Kingdom, as an angel testified. (Luke 1:31-33) Jesus thus gained the right to rule over the Promised Land, the earthly realm over which David had reigned. This should increase our confidence in Jesus; he rules, not by illegal usurpation, but through an established legal arrangement, a divine covenant.  (Refr. w89 2/1 pp.14-15 para. 21-22).
     Also, Jesus rulership is referred to as a heavenly government or the Kingdom of God.  This brings me to another point, most of us can recite the Lord's prayer (Matt. 6:9-13)by memory.  How many of us though can identify the Kingdom Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray for? Honestly I never gave it much thought myself until I studied the Bible and learned that the Kingdom of God is an actual government.  It has a designated ruler or in this case a King Jesus Christ who will bring about peaceful conditions to the earth.  Jesus rulership is not visible to earth's inhabitants in a physical way, since he is ruling from heaven.  In other words Jesus is affecting the affairs of humankind from the spirit realm.  No one nor any enemy including Satan can thwart his rulership.  He is out of their reach, yet they are not out of his. Soon he will administrate his authority over all the affairs of mankind and will demonstrate his God-given power over all the governments ruling on the earth.  They will all have to submit to his rulership or be annihilated forever at the Great War of GOD Almighty Jehovah the war known as Armageddon.  It is at Jehovah's appointed time that he will give Jesus the command to go conquering all who refuse to obey and submit to Christ rulership.
     Surprisingly, many are unaware of Jesus rulership and that he has been ruling for some time now since 1914, 96 years.  He has more power now than when he lived on earth as a human.  At that time he controlled the natural forces, he cured the sick and resurrected the dead, how much more can he do as a spirit Leader in Heaven.  Furthermore, Jesus rules out of love for humankind and desires to give them true peace and security forever.  He loves and always obeys Jehovah his Father and Exemplar.  What a beautiful King Jehovah has given us to lead us to eternal life, my heart is full of love for Him and His Son my Lord and King Christ Jesus. 
     Sadly though many today do not recognze Jesus as thier Leader and ignore the visible signs given to the disciples by Jesus found at Matt. 24:3-14.  They are fulfilling the prophecy that Jesus himself made at Matt.24:37-39, not caring and overly consumed with their own selfish lives to pay any attention to the world scene around them.  They are presumptuous and expect a miraculous delivery from Jesus whom they think they are worshipping. ( note Matt. 7:21-23).  In addition, they have ignored the will of Jehovah the God and Father of Jesus Christ whom they do not know nor desire to know.  The visible signs of Jesus rulership are not visible with the naked eye as many suppose, no they are visible only with the eyes of discernment.  In order to understand and see the presence of Jesus as King one must come to an accurate knowledge of Jehovah and HIS inspired Word.  If you would like to learn more of Jesus role as King of God's Kingdom contact the nearest Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses or visit them at  Taking in this true knowledge about Jesus present identity is vital and it means coming out of the darkness and into the light of truth, please do not delay!  


Monday, July 12, 2010

..."The Wisdom From Above Is

     ...first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical."-James 3:17    
     CHASTE: syn. Pure, Modest, Decent-implies a refraining from acts or even thoughts or desires that are not virginal or sanctioned by marriage vows; it may imply avoidance of anything that cheapens or debases.
     PEACEABLE: disposed to peace-to be, become, or keep silent or quiet; quietly behaved; marked by freedom from strife or disorder.
     REASONABLE: agreeable to reason; not extreme or excessive; moderate, fair; having the faculty of reason: Rational; possessing sound judgment.
     READY TO OBEY: prepared mentally or physically to follow the command or guidance of; willingly disposed-inclined to comply with: Execute.
     FULL OF MERCY AND GOOD FRUITS: Mercy implies compassion, syn. Charity stresses benevolence and goodwill shown in broad understanding of others and generous forgiving or overlooking of their faults or failures; good fruits imply kind and benevolent acts; full implies possessing or containing an abundance.
     NOT MAKING PARTIAL DISTINCTIONS:  Partial implies inclined to favor one party more than the other: Biased; Distinction implies division, class, the act of distinguishing a difference: Discrimination.
     NOT HYPOCRITICAL: Hypocrite an actor; one who affects virtues or qualities he does not have, syn. dissembler-to put on the appearance of: simulate-to put on a false appearance, conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense: Disguise.
     Ref.-Websters Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary copyright 1976
     Genuine Christians must reflect the wisdom from above but how? Jehovah helps us he gives us the tools to learn how but we have to put forth the effort to study.

 Here is an exerpt from the publication "Draw Close to Jehovah"  Chapter 22 page 220-221,para. 4-8; published by Jehovah's Witnesses and an be downloaded at, it provides us with the answer.
                                    “Acquire Wisdom”—How?
     Must we have great intelligence or be highly educated in order to receive godly wisdom? No. Jehovah is willing to share his wisdom with us regardless of our background and education. (1 Corinthians 1:26-29) But we must take the initiative, for the Bible urges us to “acquire wisdom.” (Proverbs 4:7) How can we do so?
     First, we need to fear God. “The fear of Jehovah is the start of wisdom [“the first step to wisdom,” The New English Bible],” says Proverbs 9:10. Fear of God is the foundation of true wisdom. Why? Recall that wisdom involves the ability to use knowledge successfully. To fear God is, not to cower before him in terror, but to bow before him in awe, respect, and trust. Such fear is wholesome and powerfully motivating. It moves us to bring our life into harmony with our knowledge of God’s will and ways. There is no wiser course that we could take, for Jehovah’s standards always promote the highest good for those who follow them.
    Second, we must be humble and modest. Godly wisdom cannot exist without humility and modesty. (Proverbs 11:2) Why is that? If we are humble and modest, we are willing to admit that we do not have all the answers, that our opinions are not always right, and that we need to know Jehovah’s mind on matters. Jehovah “opposes the haughty ones,” but he is pleased to grant wisdom to those who are humble at heart.—James 4:6.
    A third essential is the study of God’s written Word. Jehovah’s wisdom is revealed in his Word. To acquire that wisdom, we must put forth the effort to dig for it. (Proverbs 2:1-5) A fourth requirement is prayer. If we sincerely ask God for wisdom, he will be generous in giving it. (James 1:5) Our prayers for the help of his spirit will not go unanswered. And his spirit can enable us to find the treasures in his Word that can help us to solve problems, ward off danger, and make wise decisions.—Luke 11:13.
    As we noted in Chapter 17, Jehovah’s wisdom is practical. Hence, if we have truly acquired godly wisdom, it will be evident in the way we conduct ourselves. The disciple James described the fruits of divine wisdom when he wrote: “The wisdom from above is first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical.” (James 3:17) As we discuss each of these aspects of divine wisdom, we might ask ourselves, ‘Is the wisdom from above at work in my life?’

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Beginnings...

    ...a new month and a new life was added to my extended family a grand-nephew born on the 2nd.  He is adorable and I can't wait to meet him!  Also a new baby girl was born to a sister in our congregation on the 6th, she is so cute and she and Mommy are doing very well, thanks and praise to Jehovah.
    This past weekend was very pleasant I spent it with my beautiful girls and my so sweet and lovely grand-girl.  She is such a delight and a breath of fresh air, I can't get enough of her.  It's an incredible and wonderful feeling to experience a grand-child.  I took her shopping and bought her some new toys and some new books.  I found three different rubber play mats for her to crawl on.  Here she is sitting on the animal mat.

I think they are soft and very colorful, she really enjoys it!  Oh, if only she and her Mommy lived in the same town as I do then I could see them more often. I'll leave that in prayer to Jehovah and His perfect will. 
     As far as my worship to Jehovah there is plenty of good news.  I was re-contacted by three former students.  The first is from Nepal, he and his wife are visiting relatives here in the states.  I was able to have a brief conversation over the phone with him and it was so nice to here his voice.  Sadly, they will not be able to visit me personally since their visit is brief and doesn't include Texas maybe on their next visit.  As for the other students there is a strong possibility they might resume their Bible study of Jehovah's Word, praise Jah
Serving Jehovah my GOD and  my Father is a wonderful privilege and brings me great joy!
     One last thing, I had a wisdom tooth extracted on the 7th, all went well and I feel much better.  Thanks to the oral surgeon's skill, the double dose of local anesthetic, and of course my complete trust in Jehovah's protection and reliance on Him in prayer.  I should be back to eating normal with in a few weeks.
     This month has started out on a good note and I'm looking forward to ending the month on one as well.  My girls will be back for another visit plus our C.O. and his wife will be visiting our congregation the last week of the month.  Lots of spiritual up building to look forward to,  I can hardly wait!